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Google redesigns Google News tab on desktop browsers

Since Google first overhauled their mobile news app, it was inevitable that changes to desktop news search were coming. In a recent tweet from Google News Initiative, plans have been announced to to redesign desktop news search to match mobile platforms. Charlotte DabbCharlotte is a digital marketing and communications practitioner at SEO Shark. She takes […]

How To Make Your Site Better Using Google’s Best Practices

A good website and a not-so-good website are parted with the level of satisfaction they offer to users and search engine spiders (i.e. Google’s core search algorithms which filter out the webpages and show relevant results for every search). In order to make it to the first-page ranking, you need to follow a specific set […]

Should You Outsource Your Blog?

Blogging remains one of the most effective online methods of keeping your business up to date. It allows Google to rank you higher through SEO and also ensures that your consumer base is kept informed about news, trends and events that are involved within your niche. So it should make sense to outsource that department […]

How To Write A Quality Blog

Writing a blog is one of the best ways to get your opinion out there for the world to embrace (or contest). When creating content for readers, many blog writers make the mistake of over packing their posts with words and not making their blog interesting enough for viewers to really care what they have […]

What Would Happen If You Stopped SEO?

Stopping SEO does not pull the plug on your operation. The content that has been posted stays where it is, the numbers will remain solid for a short period of time and it will appear on the surface that business is usual. What it does is begin a slide into the online abyss, seeing all […]

5 Simple SEO Mistakes That Are Costing You Big Time

SEO should be a vital component of your marketing campaign – after all, the more potential customers who see your website, the more sales you will make. If you are engaged in an SEO campaign that has been going for a few months without seeing results, you may be making mistakes in the process. Charlotte […]

How to Boost Traffic On Your Website

Boosting traffic on your website is a straightforward process. Google will make note of the number of visitors to your site, and it will increase in search rankings. In order to analyse the efforts you put into increasing the flow of traffic to your website, ensure that a metrics logger is embedded into the code […]

The Future of SEO

Search engine optimisation is no longer regarded as a far-off concept that is only mastered by the information technology team, it is now being touted as a mainstream part of Internet design, and dedicated experts are taking the future of SEO to new levels. Increasing business investment in SEO is seeing an upward trend, and […]

Getting on the First Page of Google

On page optimisation is the main step in getting onto the first page of Google. When a site is designed from the ground up, with user experience design in mind, it takes into account how to best integrate how a person will use the site, and how search engines will index it. Starting with research […]

How To Create The Best Headline For SEO

Google tends to reward articles that rank high on the social sharing agenda. This means that when you are writing headlines, they need to be ones that will be caught up and become viral on social media. For people to engage with your content, it has to be useful, newsworthy, sensational and compelling. Buzz-worthy headlines […]