How To Write A Quality Blog

Writing a blog is one of the best ways to get your opinion out there for the world to embrace (or contest). When creating content for readers, many blog writers make the mistake of over packing their posts with words and not making their blog interesting enough for viewers to really care what they have to say.

Ensuring that your content is both informative and entertaining at the same time can take practice, but, with a few small adjustments, you will have your blog counting exponential viewer rates by the second.

write a quality blog

Writing a quality blog doesn’t have to be so difficult with these tips!

If you are considering starting a blog, already have one or know somebody whose blog seriously needs some spicing up, hopefully you’ll find a few gems in this article to help you or your friend write a quality blog that both entertains and educates the curious readers of the world.

Have a read below at some of the best ways to write a quality blog:

Add Pictures

So often, you will find blog writers that simply have no clue about the power of adding pictures to their blog. This is understandable, however, as we can all become so engrossed with sharing our opinion that we forget to make it so that people can read without falling asleep.

If you are like any other blog writer, it is quite easy to assume that you would like your blog to be read by as many people as possible around the world. Your opinions do matter and you know it, so why don’t people seem to engage with your content?

write a better blog

Add some visuals to your blog to ensure higher levels of readability.

Did you know that studies show posts with pictures have a far higher chance of being remembered, let alone read, than posts without them? But does this mean you add any old picture? No! This means you also need to give serious thought into what picture you will use for each post. Why is this? Because if you try posting an update about dogs and provide a picture of cats, people will not take your post seriously.

It is as simple as that. People want to know that you have a full understanding of what you are talking about and providing a picture that in no way represents what you’ve discussed in your post will simply leave your viewers believing you are misinformed and quite simply, not very smart. To turn the phrase, do not place pictures on your blog; place good pictures on your blog.

Your Voice

Your voice is not only something you need to find for your blog, but for everyday life and all other forms of writing as well. No form of writing that’s ever impressed someone has been clichéd and robotic.

You need to find exactly what your voice is. Often people find this a confusing concept, because they believe that they write with their voice already, and if that is in fact the case and you know you’ve found your voice, the results will show. If not, here’s how you find it.

Think about how you talk to really good friends in everyday life. You speak to them in a way that is unique to everyone. That’s a fact. What you need to do is find the balance between that way of speaking, and a professional manor.

write a quality blog

Make yourself heard by using your own individual writing style.

This means, simply making the way you speak to your best friends polite and professional for your readers. The reason this is so effective is because when a viewer is immediately made to feel like they are a close friend of yours, they will relate to your points and opinions so much easier.

The reader will feel you are speaking from the heart with openness. Whether a reader disagrees with your opinion or not, speaking using your ‘voice’ is going to draw them in to at least read your post. Find your voice and use it.

Don’t Become a Broken Record

While your views and opinions of the world around you may matter to you, they certainly do not matter as much to your readers. That fact is simple and true. However, you can have readers engage with your opinions a lot more and even share them by doing one small thing.

Don’t shove it down their throats. Would you really read someone’s blog every time they post if they seem to be literally re-wording the same opinion day-in, day-out for every post?

write a better blog

Add some variety to ensure you don’t sound like a broken record.

You need to learn to space out your opinions and present viewers with something else called ‘entertainment’. Post pictures, videos, funny stories, funny thoughts, etc. A good rule of thumb may be to post an opinion every second or third day and post entertaining things in-between.

You may have a problem with this because you feel that your opinion posts will be pushed down into irrelevance by your entertaining posts. This is simply not the case, and if you don’t believe that, you might want to refer back to section 1 of this article.

Be Bold

After having said that you need to save opinionated posts for their own times and make them more seldom than entertaining ones, there is something else you need to remember. When you do post an opinion, let it rip! Do not hold back on your opinions. Be as brutally honest as you like but do not do so simply for the sake of it. It needs to come from the heart.

If you are angry about a topic, write angry! Show your viewers how your feel and express your concerns. This will further rally people who are like-minded by your side, because not only do they see someone they agree with, but you’ve touched them on an emotional level.

write a quality blog

Be big and bold with your writing.

Be bold when posting opinions. That’s why they are opinions. You’re allowed to think what you like and no one may tell you otherwise. If people take issue with your blog’s opinions, 1- they can decide not to read it and 2- their outrage simply adds controversy that draws attention to your opinion. Win-win.

Wrapping Up

Writing a blog is pretty easy when you are practiced enough at doing it and that practice takes no longer than a week if you really set your mind to polishing your content. Get out there and share your opinions! You have a voice, so use it!

Do you think these tips will help to you write a better blog? Have any other tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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